Yay for the Bay!

Yay for the Bay!Great news! Well, mostly great. Yesterday I saw a shoulder doctor who officially cleared me to get back on the bike just in time for the ride this weekend! I’m due for an MRI next week since I’m still in some pain and we’re trying to figure things out, but doc said I can tackle the ride this weekend. I actually didn’t get cleared to do any of the other activities I have on the docket, but I’ll take what I can get. Yay for the Bay!

My only fear now is that I never made it to the final stages of my training, so I need to do some serious mental preparation for this weekend. I’m pretty sure that any biking muscles are built up are gone; nonetheless, I WILL finish, that I know. But I don’t know when I will finish or in what kind of state…guess we’ll see this weekend!

Despite some physical hurdles, I’m really excited for this weekend. People have been so supportive in a variety of ways. A coworker connected me to a friend of his who is renting me her house at a very reasonable price. Annie, Molly, and I have three other friends coming down the Cape to be there cheering for us when we cross the finish line (and maybe catch me if I’m unable to use my legs at that point). And, of course, I’ve gotten some wonderfully unexpected gifts from people to help with my fundraising. Everyone’s support has been a big part of helping me stay up and motivated despite being injured. So thank you, everyone!


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