What not to wear PART II ~ ~ ~ What happens after?

Pace yourself ~ ~ ~ Be safe!QUESTION

What’s the scene in the evening?  What do you wear to closing ceremonies — what you’re wearing out that evening?  Do people all go out together after closing ceremonies?

Team Kiki enjoys the tribe mentality… (sort of).  We bike together, we eat together, we raise money for the H2B Cause, we enjoy libations and club romps as well as long strolls on the beach, quiet conversation, writings on interpersonal conflict, wealth & finance, engineering, fashion, medicine, drag qweens, The Roosevelts, ’80s movies, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Cyndi Lauper, Azealia Banks, Scissors Sisters and Haruki Murakami.   (Does this cover everything?)

But we can’t hold anyone down if they need to shine out there on their own (gurrrl).  Or reconnect with their boo.  Plus we are a diverse crew that just plain values individuality.

That said, we encourage you to enjoy the buffet, camaraderie and cash bar at Closing Ceremonies!!  Join in the festivities and meet new people!

Some might not have a chance to shower & change before the ceremony, so come as you are… rustic is fine.  Lots of folks will definitely go out to enjoy the town later.

Pace yourself…

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