Training has begun

20150627_115751Had a good 47-mile ride today-from Savin Hill down Dot Ave to Milton, then thru Blue Hills to Canton, Stoughton, Avon, Holbroke, Abington, Braintree, Randolph, and back into Milton and Dot.  Along the way passed a Native American Pow Wow, a huge outdoor Buddhist celebbration,  and a Shriners’ Parade.  Felt pretty good, too, but I am glad I have several months before Sept. 19.  Glad, too, that I am able to do this–to ride, to raise a little money to support folks on the front line, and to raise awareness that HIV and AIDS-related charity work is still desperately needed.  Click “Donate” tab above and show that you, too, are grateful to be able to help.

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