The Princeton Freewheelers Princeton Event, August 6, 2016

IMG_0290-copyThe Princeton Freewheelers Princeton Event, August 6, 2016

Being slightly obsessive regarding preparedness, I took a rain coat with me on this fabulous ride through the New Jersey country side. Heavy thunderstorms and rain were in the forecast for the late morning. My friend and colleague who came up from the shore and I debated the night before whether we should go or not.

Both of us were very glad we decided not to allow the forecast to discourage us. Actually, when I left Princeton it was slightly raining, but once we started our 40 mi bike ride, we enjoyed a leisurely ride with lots of sunshine and some clouds that made the temperature much more tolerable.

We experienced why NJ is called “The Garden State” when we biked on rural roads passing wide open farm fields, many horse farms, and occasional small forests while listening to the morning concerts of numerous birds.

I am looking forward to biking again this year through Cape Cod as part of the Harbor to the Bay ride.

Please, help us through your donations to make the ride possible!

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