Riding because I can.

IMG_3508This ride is a personal challenge for me. I am doing it because I can. Because others can’t and they need our help. People living with HIV/AIDS need money for research and a cure.   After  a year of health issues and two major surgeries,  I understand more than ever how lucky I am. Each ride will get a little longer and when I get to a 50 mile ride, I know I’ll be able do Harbor to the Bay.  The excuses pile up and it’s hard to fit in the time around 14 hour work days. But I am determined to try. Want to ride with me?

I need your help. I have happily donated to so many causes year after year. Perhaps I donated to your ride, walk, political organization, PTA, church,  or group. I’m now calling in the favor: Please support my ride and give to those who need us.  My goal is $2500.00. Help me get there. Every penny you donate will directly benefit the charities. There are no administrative costs.



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