Reaching the Fund Raising Goal

Today, with the help and generosity of very good friends, I was able to exceed the individual  fund raising goal set by the organizers of the Harbor to the Bay Ride. Together, we have raised $1160 for the AIDS Action Committee (AAC). 100% of your generous and much appreciated donations will go to support the AIDS Action Committee.

Prior to reaching the goal, I was really anxious about making my individual fund raising goal, because before signing up with the Harbor to the Bay ride 15  I had never raised $1,000 for a charity. Still I was determined to make the fund raising goal well in advance of the ride because the money raised goes to such a worthy cause. So much hard work goes into planning, organizing, and executing a major charity event like the Harbor to the Bay Ride. Did you know that all of the organizers are volunteers? I learned that important fact during the kickoff party at Club Cafe. This was yet another reason why I was so determined to reach my fund raising goal early.

During the 2017 Fenway Mens Event, Jay and I were lucky enough to get to know our table captain, Tim Fitzgerald, a lot better. Tim is a wonderful guy with really big heart. He is also the team captain for Team Kiki. For many years Tim has personally raised thousands of dollars and led Team Kiki on the annual ride to Ptown. As the newest member of Team Kiki, I really wanted to reach my rider fund raising goal early to show my support for Tim and my teammates. I didn’t want to let them down. As of today, Team Kiki is the number 2 team for fund raising only $820 behind the number 1 team. Isn’t that amazing!

A big thank you to my friends for your tremendous efforts in helping me, Team Kiki, and AAC exceed the $1,000 mark! In addition to never before raising $1,000 for a charity, I’ve never written a blog for a charity before, so many firsts for me. Thank you for reading my post!


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