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So, last year I did my first ever Harbor to the Bay ride, and it was a fantastic experience! My awesome father and I raised a ton of money for Community Research Initiative of New England, and had an absolutely glorious day riding. We loved that 100% of all donations raised went directly towards providing provide health care, meds, education, research, and support around HIV/AIDS.

So we're doing it again this year! 68 miles to support efforts to end new HIV infections and fight AIDS. I chose Community Resource Initiative for my beneficiary because in addition to researching for a cure, they also make sure that people who have HIV/AIDS today can get access to the meds and health insurance they need. I feel a special responsibility to supporting this work, both as a queer woman riding on the history of the LGBTQ community, but also as a white woman who knows that most new HIV infections are in people of color -- it's my job as an ally to help remedy the health disparities.

Please consider giving (or even riding!) as you're able.


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