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of a $ 6500.00 fundraising goal.

CAUSE: Fenway Health
Riding from Boston to Provincetown
Rider #: 16

MEMBER OF: Team Kiki

Hey there,

This Harbor to the Bay ride helps our entire community.  And it helps me too....  It helps me stay in touch with the lovable Boston bike dork community, help those in need, lead a great Team (Kiki), help organize training rides and mentor new riders, stay fit, raise money for research and social services and client care.

This year I am grateful to bike Harbor to the Bay again.

Please support me and clients of Fenway Health —members of our community who urgently need our support— with whatever you can afford.

We welcome gifts of ANY amount, because we know you receive a lot of appeals for your treasure.  But remember, your gift goes further with H2B.  100% of the money raised by riders and crew goes directly to the agencies that provide quality health care, medications, research, support services, as well as HIV/AIDS prevention education.

Your gift of $2.00 per mile is $250.... A gift of $1.00 per mile is $125.... A gift of $.50 per mile is $62.50....

(It's okay to round up.)

My goal is to raise more than $5,000.00 this year. Please join me in this achievable goal and let's make the world a better place by supporting our Community.




PS This is my 12th (!!) year.  I personally raised $4-$5,000 each of the past FIVE (!!!)  years and $35,000 plus in the years I have biked. Together--we have made a serious impact on services for clients at Fenway Health.


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