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of a $ 1500 fundraising goal.

CAUSE: Fenway Health
Riding from Sagamore to Provincetown
Rider #: 217


Hello loved ones, friends, sisters, and fellow humans.

As I move into my 35th year of life I get emotional when i think of how lucky i am to be strong and healthy.   I am proud of my community, family, and educators.   I stand here as a healthy individual in thanks to those we have lost, those who took trial medicines, researchers, educators, and protectors.    It is with this great pride and gratefulness that i embark on a journey to better my mind and body.

I have elected to participate in a one day bike ride from Boston to Provincetown.

I hope you follow me on this journey and if you can help me get to my fundraising goal ill send you all something really nice!   Ill absolve your sins, Ill pray for you, Ill throw glitter into the air at the finish line, but most of all!!!!   I will love you!!!

Love and light


Now the generic and heart felt mubo jumbo is posted below.


It is your support that continues to inspire me to make a difference in the world we all share. This year I am again moved to do something that makes a positive difference in the lives of others. I truly feel so very lucky to have such an incredible network of loving and caring friends and family who motivate me to be the best I can be and to continuously give back.

I know that you are all bombarded with requests like this everyday. I am asking you as a friend and a member of our community to support my efforts with whatever you can afford. 100% of the money raised by riders like myself, goes directly to the agencies that provide quality health care, medications, support, as well as HIV/AIDS prevention education.

My goal is to raise in excess of $1500.00 this year. Please join me in making a difference in the world we all share and a difference in the lives of so many we live with.



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