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CAUSE: Fenway Health

MEMBER OF: Cardinal Sins

Dear Family and Friends...

Tempus Fugit! It is September 23rd is fast approaching and Dignity/Boston’s cycling team - the Cardinal Sins - will again be participating in Harbor to the Bay (2017). This one-day bike ride will start at dawn in Copley Square and end in  P-town 126 miles later.

This charity - which supports AIDS research and care of those with AIDS – still needs our support. AIDS still does not have a cure and people with AIDS still need care. EVERY CENT you donate goes directly to H2B because it is an all-volunteer organization.

Here is the link to my donation page:

The Cardinal Sins and I thank you for your support!



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Hi, Everyone..Well, the good news is that I’m well over my goal of $800.00 In fact I’m at $1015.00. The bad news is that I have to wear a dress to church for the four Sundays in October. Good thing …

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