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CAUSE: AIDS Action Committee


Hello Friends,

The guy who's picture graces my fundraising page was my partner Peggy's best friend, Ivan. Ivan had HIV and died in 1998 from his first opportunistic infection.  He was a beautiful man, inside and out. He volunteered in soup kitchens, was active at Dignity/Boston and was adored by all who knew him. I don't want anymore of my friends to be infected or to die from HIV/AIDS. That is why I volunteer year-round on the planning committee for this ride and why on ride day I will be out of my house at 2:30 AM and will continue to volunteer until 8PM that night.

I raise funds on behalf of AIDS Action Committee. Back in the 1980's I lived in Oklahoma and watched this disease kill my friends. At the age I should have been attending weddings, I was going to funerals. Through OKC's AIDS Support Program, I handed out condoms, answered helpline calls and worked at fundraising events. We looked to AIDS Action Committee for guidance. This is my way of thanking them for their leadership then and now.

My goal is to raise in excess of $1000.00 this year. Please join me in making a difference in the world we all share and a difference in the lives of so many with whom we live.


M. A.

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