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CAUSE: H2B General Fund (shared)
Riding from Sagamore to Provincetown
Rider #: 37

MEMBER OF: First Parish Brookline

beloved family,acquaintances & friends & friends I don't know yet:

Hard to believe! This is my 5th  year doing the H2B ride.   Any difference I can make- it is a good thing.  Each year I ride for John, Frederick,whom I miss dearly, and unnamed others we have lost to AIDs and HIV related illnesses.

Who wants to be defined by life threatening disease? Not me.    I choose to be challenged by it.  My first year doing the ride, I was undergoing chemo.  My second ride, I had two life threatening diagnoses. (Things have stabilized.)  Each day I think of those who struggle to live. My mantra is "I can do it". On the big hills "I can do it".  I see the faces of some of my friends who I've lost - I DO think of them.  Call it:  fortunate, blessed, privileged, lucky - I can do it, and so I do it for those that can't. This year I'm 68 and remember the conversation I had last year during breakfast at Bayside Betsy's with a rider I recognized from the long ride.  He was 73 and has done it every year since it started.  What a great inspiration he is!!!

It's so easy to make a donation.  Please support my efforts with whatever amount you can afford.    100% of the money raised by riders like myself, goes directly to the agencies that provide quality health care, medications, support, as well as HIV/AIDS prevention education.

My goal is to raise in excess of $1400.00 this year. Please join me in making a difference in the world we all share and a difference in the lives of so many we live with.

with love, hugs and healing light,


If you know someone who would want to donate - please, share my link.

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