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The mission of Fenway Health is to enhance the wellbeing of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and all people in our neighborhoods and beyond through access to the highest quality health care, education, research and advocacy.

Fenway Health has been a leader in the battle against HIV/AIDS since the darkest days of the epidemic. In the early 80s, we saw the first HIV/AIDS cases in New England.  Today, we remain one of the largest confidential HIV counseling and testing sites in Massachusetts. Over 12,000 antigen/antibody tests per year are administered by Fenway medical and dental providers and HIV Counseling, Testing, and Support Services staff. 100% of those testing positive for HIV are triaged into care and services here at Fenway. Today, we care for over 2,000 patients living with HIV, making us the largest outpatient HIV/AIDS medical provider in New England.

The Fenway Institute operates the nation's first community-based HIV research program, and has been conducting long-term epidemiological research since 1985.  The organization is one of eight sites in the US that was selected by the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases to recruit participants for the first clinical trials of an HIV vaccine. The Institute continues to be on the cutting edge of research to develop HIV prevention and treatment strategies that are effective and accessible for people across the globe. In addition, our education and training programs help providers and consumers to learn more about available options to prevent and treat HIV infection.

For more information about the programs, services, and research at Fenway, please visit www.fenwayhealth.org or www.thefenwayinstitute.org.

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