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One of the sorrows that has been particularly painful for me this year is that I won’t be participating in the Harbor to the Bay ride that I do every September. On Sept. 17th I’ll be in bed at home, letting my body heal from the trauma of surgery and getting used to the loss of my right breast and the reconstructed one that I will be privileged to receive. I won’t be lifting my right elbow higher than my shoulder nor lifting more than 5 pounds. I have a feeling I’ll be grumpy (Sorry, Art!). But I’ll get over this disappointment knowing I’ll be doing the 10 hour ride from Boston to Provincetown with my beloved H2B community next year. That’s something my friends Chetan, Robbin, and others who’ve died from complications of AIDS won’t ever have a chance to do. And that’s why I ride every year. And why I’m asking you to help support me reach my fundraising goal even though I won’t be biking. The Harbor to the Bay community is determined to see an end to AIDS and, in the meanwhile, to support 4 local nonprofits that serve people with HIV/AIDS.

Whatever amount you can contribute is perfect: $100 or $5, $50 or $1000. Whatever you feel moved to give. I know that together we can reach my goal: I have faith in a God of abundance, generosity, and love living through us---however we name that beautiful presence and energy. I am particularly proud that 100% of the money we raise for H2B goes directly to 4 fabulous nonprofits: the AIDS Action Committee, the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, Fenway Health, and the Community Research Initiative. This means your contribution is a very tangible way to honor all those who have fought or continue to fight this terrible disease.

Thank you for your faithful presence in my life. For being part the community that gives me hope, comfort and support. May your days be blessed, your body be healthy, and your laughter ring out long and often.

Yours with love,


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