Adam Solomon

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of a $ 5000 fundraising goal.

CAUSE: H2B General Fund (shared)
Riding from Boston to Provincetown
Rider #: 18

MEMBER OF: Team Kiki


For the eighth year in a row I’m riding 125 miles in one day from Boston to Provincetown in the Harbor to the Bay Ride to raise money for four local HIV/AIDS charities. I hope you will sponsor me.

100% of the money I raise is going to the four HIV/AIDS organizations: The Fenway Health Center, AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, Community Research Initiative, and the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts. In this period of uncertainty and government cutbacks your donation is more significant than ever.

I’m very excited to represent your donations with a strong ride.   I'm pleased to say I've already got over 2,300 miles in my legs. I'm looking forward to representing you out on the road with a very strong ride.

My goal this year is to raise over $5,000 for the ride (my stretch goal!) . I hope you can help. Please note: I've hidden the donor list from this page. If you sponsor me as "anonymous", it really is anonymous and I won't be able to thank you (or apply for a match if you're a MathWorker).



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