President’s Message

Jim Morgrage

Jim Morgrage, Harbor to the Bay President


Our ride began with an idea from our very brave terminally ill beloved friend, The late Michael Tye.  Michael passed away after a long courageous battle against Multiple Myeloma Cancer.  His idea was simple – A One day ride from Boston (Harbor) to Provincetown (Bay) with very low overhead, no salaries and a commitment that 100% of all rider pledges go directly to support our fight against HIV.

In 2003 Michael Tye and handful of Club Café staff and dedicated friends who shared our dream set out to launch the 1st Harbor to the Bay 126 mile, 1 day, AIDS bike ride.


We believed that we could make a difference in the fight and that we could help those living with HIV to live long healthy lives. We believed that HUNDREDS would ride, THOUSANDS would support, and MILLIONS of dollars could be raised by this grass roots ride


Thousands of you have honored the life of Michael Tye, and the thousands of New Englanders who have lost their lives to HIV.  We also know that those who look down on us are smiling and grateful for all you have done over these past 15 years.


Every year that goes by, our hope grows that one day soon HIV will be behind us and that young men and women will no longer be dying in the prime of their lives, that parents, siblings, partners and friends will be able to go to sleep at night knowing that together we beat HIV.


As we enter year 15 of this ride, let us acknowledge that our fight is not yet over.  Without an increased effort on our part, we risk having to take steps backward and begin to turn away those who need our help most.  This year, the tenth anniversary of the Harbor to the Bay AIDS Ride, let’s raise more money, double our efforts, and ensure that no one who needs our help is turned away.


The simple words thank you are truly not enough.  We are truly amazed and awed by the dedication, commitment, energy, love, and selflessness that each of you has given to us over the past 9 years.  We will not give up until a cure is found.