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All smiles on a different day!Karen and I had what we thought was going to be our longest ride yet this past weekend. Well, the universe had other plans… We had originally planned for 75mi at a pace of around 12mph, not bad for us newbies. However, we had a bit of a late start and then things sort of went downhill – then uphill – then downhill – then uphill! Thus far, we’ve only had 1 flat tire in all the times we’ve been out. Now that we are riding longer distances, I have opted to use precious big bag space for Gu and shotblocks and all the food to sustain a person through many hours of riding. So, in the morning I looked at my spare inner tube, shrugged my shoulders and thought, “eh, won’t probably need this” and left it on the counter and crammed a few more shotblocks into my pack. Unfortunately, this dismissive action would come back to bike me in the tukus. 30 miles later, with  double flat tires in the middle of Sherborn, I was regretting that decision to toss those inner tubes aside. Luckily a very nice bike shop owner (Grace Bikes in Holliston) named Roy came to my rescue and actually DROVE out to where I was sitting stewing on the side of the road and fixed my flats. Not even 1 mile later, I somehow tweaked my derailleur and ended up back at Roy’s place for a fine tune. Hot, tired and feeling discouraged, Karen and I pedaled out the remaining 26miles through the throngs of college kids moving into dorms on this labor day weekend and the Red Sox fans marching to Fenway stadium to end the day with a grand total of 56 miles. Not bad considering the obstacles of the day, but not what we were hoping for. with only 2 weekend training rides left, this new cyclist is feeling a bit nervous about the big day!

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  1. Adam Solomon September 3, 2014 at 10:11 pm #

    Do you have more than just an under the saddle bag for food & spares? Bike jersey with pockets? The excellent Planet Bike snack box? Anyway, sounds like a great adventure! Every cyclist does that. Once. 😉

  2. Tim #TFITZ Fitzgerald September 3, 2014 at 11:06 pm #

    DAMN! (Love the comment, “bike me in the tukus…”)

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