Kickback, Relax & Get a Kickback from the Sisters

Our wonderful Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are presenting a fundraiser for Harbor to the Bay on Saturday, May 20th at 7 pm.  Join us at Club Café for Funny Little Heartbreaks – The Songs of Nadav Wiesel.

At this point, you may wonder why we said in the subject line that there was a kickback? Because when a current H2B participant buys the $15 ticket, that $15 goes against the participant’s fundraising total. And if their friends buy tickets, the cost of those tickets goes towards the participant’s fundraising. So, Kickback, Relax & Get a Kickback from the Sisters! To order tickets in advance, visit the link below. Don’t panic that there is no place to add the participant’s name when the ticket is ordered. We’ll figure that out on the 20th. Seating is limited, so buy early.


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