How to rack up miles? Mute the GPS.

A couple weeks ago I rode out to Nantasket Beach to meet the family.  Since it’s only 18 miles, I thought I’d add on a few  miles to turn it into something a bit more respectable in terms of a training ride.  I rode out and hooked up with the H2B route in around Quincy.  I had put in Nantasket as my destination in Google Maps, but didn’t turn it on.

I’ve got a bluetooth enabled speaker on my bike so I can listen to music and hear audible cues from Google Maps.  This works great.  Unless you’ve muted maps.  Which is what I accidentally did.

Anyway, I thought it had been far too long without a turn, so I looked at the phone and saw my mistake.  Oops!  I was a bit late meeting my family, but as you can see from the photo, I was perfectly happy at the finish anyway.  And that root beer float tasted even better after the extra mileage (ended up around 45 miles instead of 30 for the day).

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