Half Century Training Ride

So decided to try the Map My Ride app for my 50 mile training ride today. Wanted to explore new areas and figured some GPS guidance would help me along the way. So either I totally missed a feature or Mapmyride completely missed the mark on their app. What’s the point of a map showing where I am if the route I chose to ride isn’t indicated on the map? I know where I am – I’m HERE. Besides wanting to drain my battery as quick as possible, the only reason I have the app running is to show me where I should turn. Luckily I knew I’d end up in Framingham and know backroads towards Val’s parents’ house, so what could have been a boring there-and-back ride turned into one filled with winding country roads, New England farms/meadows, and a whole lot of shade: GORGEOUS! As a side benefit, as I was down to my last half bottle of water with 15+ miles to go I came across a lemonade stand. After $1, a short rest, and some very generous under 8 entrepreneurs and I was one my way with a full water bottle of lemonade. Couldn’t ask for a better day for a ride and encouraged by how good I feel after 50 miles (my longest ride to date). Looks like those 17-mile round trip commutes each day in the saddle are paying dividends in my conditioning. Thanks again to all those that have donated – it means a lot to me and will benefit some great causes.

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