Half Century Ride

Wait let me take a selfieSaturday’s ride was glorious! What started out as a 40 mile ride turned into 50+ when I insisted we go on a search for a “quaint” coffee shop. Turns out Millis isn’t know for their quaint coffee shops and we ended up falling back on the trusty Dover cafe pit stop. This was the first time riding where I didn’t feel totally intimidated by the Harbor to the Bay challenge ahead of me. Granted I need to get through 50 then tack on another 70, but I’m excited! Fun fact, during this ride I had some technical difficulties with my chain. My trusty mechanic did a quick side of the rode adjustment, then not leaving anything up to chance jumped on my far too small bike for a test ride (pictured below). His love and commitment to this ride is inspiring and I want to thank Jake along with my friends, family, and anonymous for your support- let’s kick some fundraising butt!

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