Harbor to the Bay’s Top 6 Fundraising Tips

Three of Harbor to the Bay’s top fundraisers, David Whitman, Joe Richard, and Phil Finch, led an engaging workshop for some new Harbor to the Bay riders on July 20th. Just to make sure that no one misses out on their collective wisdom, we’ve compiled their best tips for you below.

  1. Set up your home page on the H2B website – make it personal! Why do you ride? Tell us!
  2. Make a long, long list of prospects – the more people you ask, the more who will support you!
  3. Make your first gift from yourself! It’s easier for people to support something you have already supported. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but the symbolism is important.
  4. ASK people to support you – they will not give unless you ask! Remember – you are asking people to support great HIV/AIDS organizations, not asking for yourself. Send one round of emails, and then two weeks later – email people who haven’t given again. It’s so important to follow up!
  5. Remember to be appreciative – you can’t appreciate your supporters enough! A great way to do this is on Facebook. Post about a training ride with an ask for support, and then tag and thank people who give in the comments.
  6. Raising $1,000 is easy! Think of it this way:
    1. 10 gifts of $100
    2. 20 gifts of $50
    3. 25 gifts of $40
    4. 40 gifts of $25.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to H2B or to your beneficiary.
On behalf of the H2B planning committee, board, and all our beneficiaries: THANK YOU!

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