Fun training ride to Nut Island

Yesterday did a fun training ride lead by Tim Fitzgerald.  Met a couple new people, Will and Julian and got to ride again with Yeongbae.  Tim picked the best and most friendly convenience store to visit for our lunch stop.  I’m kidding.  There was an incredibly grumpy and unhelpful guy working there.  It will be quite memorable — and it was funny even while it was happening.  We rode out to Nut Island (now connected by a causeway) and got some incredible views of Boston.  That’s the photo at the top of the post.  On the way back, I broke away from the group and rode out to Nantasket Beach to meet the family.  A fun 40 miles in the saddle for the day.

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  1. Tim #TFITZ Fitzgerald August 8, 2017 at 6:06 pm #

    Thanks Adam– Sunday, August 6, 2017, we focused on hills & the challenge of riding in traffic. Will & I launched from Medford at Magoun Square. Met Adam at MIT. Picked up Yeongbae at the Cathedral in the South End & grabbed Julian at JFK.

    One way to Nut Island for Will, Adam & me was approx. 21 miles. We dropped Julian at Joe Moakley Park at the infamous rotary at Columbia Road in Southie. Yeongbae dropped at JFK Red Line station. (So I estimate those guys did approx. 40 miles each.)

    Will & I continued to Fenway neighborhood & cut into Cambridge on the hard-hat-construction zone via Comm. Ave. to the BU Bridge. That was another 7-8 miles. Will had two additional miles past my house — so I think he biked a full 50 miles!!

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