Final Preparations ~ Mental ~ Physical ~ Social ~ Personal

Final Countdown – how to prepare Mentally ~ Physically ~ Socially ~ Personally

We can do a lot or a little to prepare in the final two weeks…. It’ll all come together.  Just do something every day.
Some people like to look at this ride as a series of 15-mile sprints with restful pit stops in between.  At the pit stops, loving volunteers will accept you with open arms and reapply sunblock, re-fuel you, hydrate you, tune up your bike and even check your pulse if necessary.  They will love you.

First things first….  Here’s a check list….

Stay up to speed on the H2B emails. They answer almost all FAQs. Watch the Safety Video online. The link is in the emails & on the H2B site.

Square up accommodations and your ride back home ASAP.  Note discounted room blocks might end soon.

RSVP for Closing Ceremony buffet dinner (free for riders / crew).  Yum!

RSVP for brunch at Tin Pan Alley.

Continue asking friends, family, and coworkers for donations to support your ride and the AIDS research and the clients who depend on these AIDS-service organizations.

This weekend:

Pack your bag if you will stay over in P’town.  Lay out your apparel for ride day… do you have both shoes? HELMET?????  How about socks? Do you have some good shorts? Shades? Cell Phone? Light wallet with ID and a little cash?  Bike lock? Spare tube?

On your body the day of the ride, you will need sunblock, shades, HELMET!!!, and  maybe some “base” layers outer layer/s for cool winds or rain that can be tucked away easily if it gets hot.  You will need a water bottle or two.

Also wallet, ID, cash, cell phone……

Plan to attend the rider check in at Club Café Friday afternoon.

Get plenty of rest this week and watch your nutrition plan.  Stay hydrated.

Grab a buddy!  Go do a five-mile sprint….  It’ll clear your anxious mind.

See you on the road!

3 Responses to Final Preparations ~ Mental ~ Physical ~ Social ~ Personal

  1. Eli Godwin September 15, 2017 at 9:58 pm #

    I’m seeing references to RSVP’s and the emails answering all my questions, but I don’t think I’ve been getting all these emails. The only ones I seem to get are about fundraising, not logistics. Can someone point me to either a link or cut and paste the info about where to show up for the Sagamore start and any other really basic stuff one needs to know?

    Thank you!

  2. Joseph Sullivan September 18, 2017 at 10:03 am #

    Tim and MA, thank you very much for the wonderful suggestions and final tips for our ride on Saturday.

    For those who are new to biking long distances, the Harbor to the Bay Ride (portion from Boston to PTown) is “officially” recognized as a “Century Ride.” When you’re done on Saturday, you can proudly cross it off your bucket list of things to do.

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