Crew with Harbor to the Bay

Do you want to help people living with HIV and AIDS, but riding isn’t the thing for you? Fantastic, because we need dedicated crewmembers to make the H2B Ride a success! H2B is 100% volunteer supported, and we need your talents and your energy. Without our crew, H2B could only reach half of its potential!

H2B needs crewmember support before the ride and on Ride Day.

Before the ride, crewmembers can help with:

  • Fundraising
  • Promotion and Advertising
  • Pre-ride support
  • Event Support

On Ride Day, crewmembers are especially needed, and can help with:

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Rider Check-in
  • Route Guides
  • Pit Stops
  • Rider Support
  • Bike Tech Support
  • Medical (Doctors, EMTs, Nurses)
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Closing Ceremonies

Crew at the Starting and Closing Points:

Crewmembers are needed both in Boston and Sagamore for the start of the ride.  We need your help to coordinate our riders who will leave from Boston at 6AM, or from the Sagamore Bridge at 9AM.  You can help answer questions, provide logistical support, and help with route guidance.

Additionally, we need help at the Lunch Pit Stop in Sagamore, and the Arrival Point at the Harbor Hotel in Provincetown. We also need help other places along the route. Whether it’s making lunches or snacks, or just providing a round of applause as riders roll in, your efforts are what makes the day a huge success!

Crew at the Pit Stops:

There will be pit stops every 15 miles where you can assist riders and answer any questions.  Whether it’s to provide water and snacks, help with flat tires, or just boost some spirits, crewmwmbers make this ride happen!

$25 crewmember registration fee:

A $25 crewmember registration fee will be used to defer the cost of the ride so that 100% of the pledge money raised can go to the beneficiaries. Your registration fee includes:

  • A customizable, personal H2B Donation page at where all donations will be made without transaction fees
  • Breakfast in Boston at the start of the ride
  • Lunch along the route, at the various pitstops
  • Food at the Harbor Hotel, for arriving Riders and Crew
  • Dinner and a T-shirt, provided at the Closing Ceremony

So whether you are a bike tech, a guide, or a cheerleader, we need you! And, when we all cross the finish line, you’ll be amazed at your accomplishments and your ability to help people living with HIV and AIDS!