Bike Shorts Are A Thing

IMG_2987It had been a few weeks into my training rides when I was urged by veteran Harbor to the Bay riders to invest in bike shorts. I thought maybe I could get away without buying a pair and was quickly shot down by anyone who cared about my wellbeing. So, before one of our longer training rides, Molly and I set off to find some bike shorts.

Short version: we found some and they turned out great.

Longer version: I made sure to try on all of the possible pairs and was fairly indecsisive and generally uncomfortable. If you’ve never worn them, bike shorts are an odd mix of excessive padding and intense cling. I persevered, however, and invested in my first ever pair of bike shorts.

Turns out the padding is great and I can completely understand how they are necessary long rides. I’ve learned that protection via padding is a key strategy to long distance biking. You can see a photo here of how Molly and I felt after riding in our shorts for a while the day that we bought them.

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  1. Sarah Winawer-Wetzel August 17, 2015 at 3:03 pm #

    They are seriously lifesavers!

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