Back to Training–and Leg Cramps

Work commitments have kept me from riding any serious distances the past three weeks, but today I finally got back to it.  Only 50 miles today, but I managed to keep up a pretty aggressive speed–and in the hours since, crippling leg cramps have brought me to my knees every hour or so.  Lessons:  1) stretch first; 2) keep at it.

Speaking of keeping at it, I’ve got to get back to raising money for these great organizations and their important, life-sustaining work.  That is the point, right?  Have you signed on?


One Response to Back to Training–and Leg Cramps

  1. Adam Solomon September 2, 2016 at 4:18 pm #

    Pickles and/or pickle juice relieve cramps very quickly.


    Have fun training!

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