At it again!

Got my sights set on doing it again!Dear Friends, I’m again doing the Harbor to the Bay ride, very conscious of my gratitude for the fact that I can; and hopeful that every day for that my body and I continue to be ‘best friends’. Please join me in remembering those who didn’t live long enough to see the advances that have been made in medicine over the past 20 years, and in supporting those in parts of the world where it’s still incredibly challenging to access the medications that have completely changed the landscape that the late 1980’s presented. I’ve again elected to have the money that I raise go to Community Research Initiative (CRI), an independent, non-profit community-based organization dedicated to leading the way in HIV/AIDS clinical research. My goal is to raise in excess of $1000.00 this year. I appreciate the fact that you get many requests for money, from a wide range of admirable causes. Every bit counts both towards the overall financial goal, but also towards the mission of the ride; and if you can’t support financially every bit of encouragement and support goes a long way. Thanks. Michael

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  1. Michael Williams August 29, 2015 at 12:37 pm #

    This a horrible website to negotiate, and lots of what I tried to post has showed up in places other than where I intended it would. I’m rider # 48.

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