An Unfortunate Hiatus

Unfortunately the only photo of me in a sling the weekend of my fall.Short story: I slipped on some wet rocks at the base of a waterfall and my shoulder popped. With a strained muscle still, I haven’t been partaking in many physical activities. All in all, I pretty much ended up with the best case scenario possible, considering the possibilities. However, a big down side is that I haven’t been able to ride my bike.

With only TWO WEEKS until the ride, this is not the best timing for an injury. I keep worrying that my “biking muscles” are atrophying with each day that I don’t get on my bike. But, rest assured, I will prevail and complete those 68 beautiful miles down the Cape. Also, this may give me more time to focus on the fundraising portion of the ride – which is, after all, the whole point. So if you’re reading this and haven’t had a chance to give any amount, please consider making a gift. It will undoubtedly cheer me up during this period of inactivity.

I will be sure to update once I’m recovered and back on my bike!

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