AIDS Life Cycle and Birthday Update

Hello friends. Some lovely donations have come in already, and I am overjoyed and moved, as always. As I write, many of my pals (especially those native to California, but at least one who also plays a big role in H2B) are in the middle of their week-long rides for AIDS Life Cycle, from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I didn’t want to start my fundraising this year until their event was under way, but with my birthday coming up this seemed like the time to get going.

Many many thanks to Robert McD and David G, Donovan, Alan, Paul B, Sherry, Steve H, Shandi, and Will, for getting this year off to a wonderful start.

Sunday, June 8th, I’m planning a long training ride on Cape Cod, along parts of the H2B route. Wish me luck, I’ll report back from the road!

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