Adventures with Team Kiki on the road to Ptown

Hi friends,

This year I decided to join Team Kiki and participate in the 2017 Harbor to the Bay bike ride from Boston to Ptown. I’ve run a lot of races to include many marathons and one triathlon, but I’ve never before been on a 125 mile bike ride. Our Team Captain Tim Fitzgerald has successfully led Team Kiki to Ptown many times before, so I’m confident that I’ll make it with his help. I’ve recently met another Teammate, Yeongbae Kim, who has one ride under his belt, which makes me the newbie on the team. Tim and Yeongbae haven’t told me what the new guy’s responsibilies yet, but I’m sure they have a devious plan. I’m proud to be a member of Team Kiki especially at a time when national funds for HIV and AIDS programs face severe cutbacks. We have a lot of heavy lifting to make up for those cuts, so please support us by making a donation today.

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