42 miles and feelin’ good

smiles at the end of our ride!125 miles is a long way to go. But somehow having done a third of it — I feel better!

I remain concerned that I won’t be able to finish in time, but I’ve decided that I won’t stress about it. As I understand it, we can start at 6:30 am, and we have until 6:30 pm to finish. I seem to be averaging about 12 miles/hour, so in theory I should be able to do it, even with a few breaks here and there. But you know what? If we get to a pit stop and it’s closed, and we have to get shuttled to the next pit stop (15-miles down the road) and ride from there, I can live with that. My goal was to do a long bike ride with my father and my inspiration was the idea of finishing in Provincetown. I think both those things will happen.

Part of the reason I’m feeling zen about everything is that I had a wonderful long bike ride with my friend Anna! She reminded me how pleasant it is to ride with someone. (I got a little lonely during my solo 35-mile ride last week.) She showed me where the good roads were and introduced me to the Dover Deli (aka everyone’s favorite/only pitstop). It was lots of fun! I almost wish I’d stayed on the bike and done the extra 8 miles so I could say I’d gotten to 50, but it got hot and my family was waiting for me at the splash park!

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