33 Mile Ride!

I had a wonderful time riding 33 miles this past Saturday as part of the Boston Women’s Bike Festival. Now in it’s second year, it’s a city-sponsored event to promote women and cycling.

I left the house in the rain and biked over to the start (about 1.2 miles or so) and then waited under a tent until it was time for the 30-milers to start. The rain stopped and it was a dry ride the whole time! It was my first time riding with a big group of people, and I enjoyed it — I also enjoyed not having to think about whether I was on the right route or not! The route was well-marked, and while my group took a small detour at one point, mostly we stayed on track.

And there was food, since it was a Bikes + Bites ride. I appreciated the knishes at the pit stop, as well as the cookie at the finish line.

Unfortunately, I need to stop into Bikes not Bombs to see about a bike fit issue — my right hand got numb a bunch during the ride. My sources tell me I need gel-padded gloves and potentially a handle-bar raise. We’ll see!

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