25 miles: Accomplished!

Even though it was one of the hottest days of the summer yesterday, I went on my first long training ride — I did 25 miles! It’s definitely the longest I’ve ever biked, and frankly, I’m surprised by how much I liked it! Yes, it was hot, and yes, I should’ve had some fuel halfway through, but overall it was pretty good!

My route was to bike to the Mass Ave bridge and take the Dudley bike path that runs along the Charles River. It took me out of the city and all the way to Newton, and then back. I went out on the Storrow Drive (aka Boston) side, and back on the Memorial Drive (aka Cambridge) side. I looped around the Science museum and then biked home to JP. It wasn’t a bad route in terms of visuals, but the path was not consistently good. I need some good road routes, where the traffic isn’t too heavy and the roads are smooth. Preferably ones with a good cafe in the middle so I can stop and get refreshment!

Next up: I’m going to do 32 miles as part of the Women’s Bike Festival on Saturday July 18th!

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