1/3 of the way there with a month to go!


Friends, family, volunteers, fellow riders:
We’ve already come so far! Athena and I have been clocking around 40 miles on our latest training rides, and riding at least a bit each day. I even rode in today’s torrential downpours and freaked out my coworkers by using a spare office as a dressing room.
But we’re not done yet. Not by a long shot!
Firstly, Athena and I want to get up to our full 68 miles at least once before the ride. Will we jump right from 40? Hit 50 or 60 in between? Who knows. We’ve got padded shorts and gloves, bluetooth speakers, and a lot of love and determination in our hearts.
Secondly, I’m trying to hit $1,000 in my fundraising efforts. AIDS Action can make $1,000 go a LONG way. We gotta pause to remember the mission behind this madness: to provide access to medical care, mental health counseling, legal aid, peer support, syringe exchange, housing search, housing advocacy, financial assistance, etc etc for folks living ​with HIV/AIDS, and those at-risk for contracting HIV/AIDS.
So DONATE! Do it up with whatever works for your budget, and if you can’t help financially, consider mentioning it to a friend or posting about it on social media. AAC has lead the charge in MA and beyond, but they can’t do it without community support. Let’s do this!
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