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OUR SPONSOR PAGE shows a listing of all Harbor to the Bay sponsors.


  • Ride Week Announcements!

    Ride Week Announcements!

    In just 4 days, the 247 of you signed up to ride and the 204 of you signed up to crew will spend your Saturday making Ride 15 one of our best yet.  Thanks to all of your efforts, we exceeded our Cyber Friday $15,000 goal! We’ve already raised over $318,000 and are within reach of […]
  • Cyber Friday Ride Fifteen

    Cyber Friday Ride Fifteen

    TWEET + TEXT + EMAIL + FACEBOOK Tell all your friends and supporters you want to help Harbor to the Bay raise $15,000 in one day – Friday, September 15th! Cyber-Friday Total: To make a donation click “Donate” and search for a participant.
  • Ride On! You did it – H2B reaches $269,000 raised!

    Ride On! You did it – H2B reaches $269,000 raised!

    As of this morning, the 248 riders and 175 crew registered for Ride 15 have raised over $269,000. A special thanks to the Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Club Café, Mizery McRae, Constance Waverly and Trampolina Glenellen for organizing Monday’s H2Bingo event which raised over $2,000! We are now over half way to our goal of […]
  • 2017 Ride Agenda

    2017 Ride Agenda

    2017 PRE-RIDE AGENDA Friday, Registration Day 09.22.17 Registration will start at 1:00 PM and close at 8:00 PM at Club Café, 209 Columbus Ave. Boston MA 02116, (617)536-0966. If you cannot make it here FEAR NOT you can pick up everything on ride day at Copley Square or Sagamore. Please bring all remaining pledges. Pick up […]
  • Useful Posts for Riders Old & New

    Useful Posts for Riders Old & New

    We are grateful for our Riders and Crew who take the time to share info with others on our site. Tim Fitzgerald (TFITZ) has written many of these. Thanks also to Philip Finch, David Whitman, Joe Richards, and Joanne Keaveney, MS, RD for their contributions, and apologies to anyone I missed. Safe Cycling What to Eat […]